I’ve put a lot of thought into what forgiveness actually is and finally decided to ask Spirit.  Spirit said,forgiveness is letting go with love.”  The best way words can describe my understanding of this concept is that when you are in a state of forgiveness towards a person, you let go of how you wanted to the situation to turn out and who you wanted others to be in that situation.  But there is also the element of compassion in this letting go, which is that you understand the suffering that led up to the behavior and you don’t judge it.  In other words, you aren’t engaging with the thought that, were you that persons shoes, you never would have done what they did because you can’t honestly say that, given that you don’t know the full experience of what it is like to be in that person’s shoes.

You let go of their suffering. You let go of your suffering and you elevate to a place where you can sense the fabric of how all these energies work together.  You go from two- or three-dimensional thinking to a higher dimension of thinking.  Your thoughts become part of a frequency that aligns with a greater good.

You know that there is a universal law of constant evolution, a teaching mechanism at play that led you to this point and that all beings are subject to this law and all will elevate, all will see their error, including you, and all will move into higher states of being, just not at the same rate.  Forgiveness has an element of trust and faith intertwined within it in this way, you trust in this universal law, and have faith that the law will lead to an outcome where everyone is seen, everyone understands, and everyone submits their egos to the frequency of love.

Letting go with love is the key to the prison of anger, resentment, and judgment.  We might feel like the only way for justice to be served is for us to carry the torch of the transgression against us, to hold it within us, and project our judgment and pain surrounding it out into our space.  The question then becomes how long do you want to spend your time in this moment that tortures you?  The Course in Miracles talks about how the sole purpose of time is to teach us how to use time wisely.  In honor of this teaching, my mantra today is I am letting go with love.