Ethics and Guidelines

  • Confidentiality: Any personal information given to me will not be shared without your consent.
  • The Decision is Yours: As an intuitive healer, I want to empower you to make informed decisions about the questions you have; however, I will never tell you what to do. All decisions are yours to make. I will only make suggestions and offer you a guiding path.
  • Physical or Mental Health Issues: I am not a medical doctor or a licensed therapist and cannot diagnose or treat health issues.
  • Predictions of the Future: Channeled information may be given to answer a question about future predictions. The reading that is given is a likely outcome based on the present moment.  You can at any time exercise your free will and change the prediction.  No intuitive reading is 100% accurate.
  • Age: You must be 18 years to utilize any of my services.  I will work with children ages 15 – 17 only with written parental consent.

Healing is Freedom!