Before I did my very first intuitive healing session, I was so scared that I wasn’t going to be able to connect to my Guides and that I would be an utter failure at it.  Taking the leap into being an intuitive healer was very scary for me, but it was my calling, so I knew I had to figure out how to overcome my fear.  I tuned into my Guides and asked them if there was anything I could do to help me with my connection to them when I was fearful.  They showed me four images.  One was of tiger’s eye crystal, another was moonstone, one was blue lace agate, and the last was an image of a spikey flower and I heard the word “chrysanthemum.”   I immediately got online and ordered these crystals, which you can see in the picture. When they arrived, I held them together in my hand. I immediately felt my grounding and connecting increase and felt a sense of peace wash over me.  It was incredible!  My Guides never cease to amaze me.  I looked up the attributes of these crystals:

Tiger’s eye – it is a protective stone that helps heal self-worth and self-criticism.  It helps ground you and draws spiritual energies downward to you. It also energizes the emotional body.

Moonstone – It calms the emotions and helps connect you to your intuition.  It is often used to enhance psychic abilities and used to develop clairvoyance.

Blue Lace Agate – It is a cooling, calming stone that brings peace of mind and activates the throat chakra, making it a great stone for communication.

As for the chrysanthemum, I checked to see if Anthony William, the Medical Medium, had said anything about it.  I got chills when I read his words: “Chrysanthemum tea is also very helpful in easing anxiety, tension, irritation, nervousness, and confusion. It is known to rejuvenate the brain as well as calm down the nervous system, leaving you alert and grounded.”  Wowwy!! Talk about being spot on! Now I use these stones and my tea during all of my work with people.

You can ask your Guides to help you find combinations of crystals to help you with what you’re working on.  Find a quiet moment and close your eyes.  Feel your heart and focus on memories, images, and ideas that make your heart chakra expand outward.  Feel it expand outward in all directions, out past your city, past your state, past the Earth, outward and outward until you are connected to everything in all directions.  Then set the intention that you want to connect with your Guides and ask them for crystal guidance.  Then just be open to receiving.  Don’t project, just receive. Take note of any images, smells, and sensations that come to you.  Even if the messages you receive don’t make sense at that moment.  That’s okay, just be open to answers coming when the time is right.  You might get the smell of roses, which could mean rose quartz or get shown green moss, which means a green crystal.  You might also just get shown the stones and have a “knowing” about what you’re looking at.  There are so many ways our Guides communicate with us, including symbols, scents, and tastes.  Go into your meditations with a soft, open heart and let the magic unfold at it’s own pace.  If you don’t feel like you got enough information to go on the first try, keep trying and keep connecting because the more you engage with your connections, the stronger they get.

Many blessings on this amazing journey called life!  Xoxo