A Place of Healing and Truth Finding

Welcome to this place of healing and truth finding!  I strive to create a sacred and safe environment in which I bring through information and energy from angels, spirit guides, and loved ones to give healing, guidance, and answers.  It is my life purpose to be a clear channel for anyone who needs it.  Here is a message from my Guides about healing:

Healing is a series of small moments, when put together equals a greater purpose, a greater sense of being.  Healing is a choice.  We can choose to find ourselves or we can choose to be lost.  Healing is a series of steps that when you put them together, equals the grandest staircase in the universe.  It’s a process of enlightenment.  It means that you find yourself at last.  It is truth finding and like the greatest Easter egg hunt you have ever known, with each egg that you find adding to the greater whole, the greater truth of who and what you really are.  When you choose to heal, healing happens on all levels, in all dimensions, in all of space and in all of time in all directions.  It transcends into a oneness that is waiting for you. 

My Story

I have always been a student of lightwork throughout my life because I had empathic and psychic abilities, although I spent the first twenty years of my career in the field of law, as a paralegal, until I went to law school.  I worked primarily in estate planning, probate, and trust administration, and my favorite thing about that field, was working with people who were struggling with the loss of a loved one because it gave me an opportunity to help.  After law school, my legal career was put on hold due to chronic illness and in the process of healing my illness, I felt the calling to dedicate all my time to helping others heal so strongly that I left my career in law and began to focus all my time and attention into nurturing my abilities as a medium, clairvoyant, psychic, and lightworker.

A fun fact about me is that I am an avid dog lover.  I have four beautiful four-legged babies that my husband and I take on doggy adventures every night.  We are also working on bringing in a two-legged baby into the world and can’t wait for our child to share in our sincere, deep love and commitment to the wellbeing of animals.

Healing is Freedom!