A Place of Healing and Truth Finding

Welcome to this place of healing and truth finding!  I strive to create a sacred and safe environment in which I bring through information and energy from angels, spirit guides, and loved ones to give healing, guidance, and answers.  It is my life purpose to be a clear channel for anyone who needs it.  Here is a message from my Guides about healing:

Healing is a series of small moments, when put together equals a greater purpose, a greater sense of being.  Healing is a choice.  We can choose to find ourselves or we can choose to be lost.  Healing is a series of steps that when you put them together, equals the grandest staircase in the universe.  It’s a process of enlightenment.  It means that you find yourself at last.  It is truth finding and like the greatest Easter egg hunt you have ever known, with each egg that you find, you add to the greater whole, the greater truth of who and what you really are.  When you choose to heal, healing happens on all levels, in all dimensions, in all of space and in all of time in all directions.  It transcends into a oneness that is waiting for you.

My Story

My introduction to this reality we call life felt like a rough landing in a plane held together by duct tape.  Those dark early years, however, taught me great compassion for suffering.  I have always been extremely empathic and struggled with that ability more than any other until I learned how to view it and use it as a gift.  I use that ability to tune into the energy of the people I work with and into the energy of Spirit—I act as a bridge to get to the truth of how to assist that person’s healing process in the best way possible.

I am a mother, a lover of animals and nature, a writer, and a dedicated student and teacher of lightwork.  I began working with people to bring them messages and healing when I was still a teenager (even though I probably needed it more during that time than they did).  I have been dedicated to other careers and tried many different avenues of being, but all roads have led me back to this space, a space of healing and lightwork where I have found my true life’s purpose and joy.

Healing is Freedom!